• SCC Certified

    JJS is SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors) certified by Lloyds and our engineers are each certified with both VVA-1 (basic safetytraining) and VVA-2 (advanced safety training for staff personnel) certificates. We are certified for operation of forklifts, cherry pickers and rigging and provide documented service history of every installation.

  • Optional Maintenance Agreement

    • Ensuring max lead times on spare parts for mission critical operations
    • Performance guarantees of the installation
    • Availability of service engineers and maximum response time

  • 24/7 availability of service center

    Shared service pool with global coverage operating from multiple country’s

  • Spares

    Large number of original spare parts in stock in Netherlands and Malaysia. Spare parts on site delivered with the required testing documentation and certificates, optionally conserved in original coating system.

  • Performing

    • Factory acceptance testing
    • Site erection, supervision and commissioning
    • Load testing & Hydrostatic testing
    • Inspection and preventive maintenance
    • Repair and replacement
    • Overhaul and lifetime extension projects
    • Operator training

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